About Us

KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT), a leading IMCA accredited training centre located in Singapore, has signed a partnership agreement with with LBJ Maritime Inc to develop the first USA-based, IMCA-accredited, training centre. KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd and LBJ Maritime Inc are committed to provide high-quality, industry-standard training for diving Supervisor (Air and Mixed Gas), Life Support Technicians and Safety management courses in both Asia and the United States. Our training and consultancy services will continue to provide the quality of services that have become a trademark of KBAT and KB Associates Pte Ltd, who are ADCI members based in Singapore.

LBJ Maritime Inc is committed to build on KBAT’s exemplary performance, reputation and success. President of LBJ Maritime Inc, Larry Janicek has successfully risen through the ranks of the commercial diving industry over the last 29 years and this wealth of experience will provide the excellent platform for the companies services.

Together KBAT and LBJ Maritime Inc have a mission to deliver a training experience that will provide knowledge that will lead to accredited National and International certification which will enable competency, development and growth within the offshore oil and gas industry.

Mission Statement:

LBJ Maritime provides the offshore oil and gas topside and underwater industry with independent occupational dive safety training programs. LBJ Maritime offers businesses with operations in The America's an innovative approach to continuing education and is committed to being recognized as a partner to there clients and offshore industry.

Vision Statement:

LBJ Maritime will meet the demand and exceed all international safety standards with training and consultancy in the America's. We will be the provider of choice to the leaders in the off shore industry by assisting these companies in meeting the globalization and expansion of the offshore construction market. We will accomplish this while being committed to safety, quality, ethics and team values.

Questions can be sent to info@lbjmaritime.com.

Office: 4956 W. Saint Charles • Lake Charles, LA 70605
Training Center: 5959 Common Street • Lake Charles, LA 70605